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Therapeutic Services Agency has a 30-year history of helping families heal, change, grow, develop, thrive! Providing services to families and children who are in the process of adoption or have already seen legal adoption occur is an honor and an area of expertise developed at TSA. We recognize the realities of adoption, that often children who are experiencing the world of adoption have come to this because of childhood trauma or who have known fundamental loss and grief at being apart from birth parents. We respect the realities adoptive parents experience, who care deeply, have hopes, dreams and aspirations for their children, are committed to develop their family, and know the challenges within the journey of family relationships and family life. And we know the positive experience adoption can be!

TSA staff are knowledgeable and skilled in assessment and therapeutic intervention. We understand: attachment work, family systems, mental health treatment, behavioral management, parenting, FAE/FAS, autism, childhood trauma including physical and sexual abuse, neglect, chemical dependency, abandonment, etc. TSA staff respect the unique and special experience of the adoptive family and bring hope and confidence building approaches to the challenges the adoptive family may be experiencing.

TSA and its staff are knowledgeable about concurrent planning and adoption practices, the CPS system, family court and adoptive family development. We are knowledgeable about specialty adoption resources and can assist in helping families access support groups and other adoption resources and materials.

TSA and its staff work with families and children who are developing their families by adoption! We celebrate with these families as we see children thrive in safe, loving, caring, committed families and we soar with happiness for the parents who know the joys of parenting and loving a child they chose to be part of their family. TSA is dedicated to best practices in supporting successful adoptions.

For further information about services for your family or if you have interest in learning how you might become an adoptive parent, please contact us.

TSA also licenses foster families who may have an opportunity to adopt a child, sibling group or children!
For further information, please contact us at:
320-629-7600 or 651-224-4114


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For more information or to make a referral, call:

320-629-7600 or  651-224-4114