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 Feedback and Experiences

    TSA welcomes feedback from all clients: children, teens, adults.  This recent feedback came from a young client.           


 Other comments from clients:

 "Linda has been an invaluable help and all she has done for me and my family means the world to us.

 “TSA, Melissa, has really made a positive impact on my life.”

 “Really helped with what I needed help with.”


 More comments:

You and your agency is absolutely top notch.  I am so glad that we found  TSA for our client way back when.  It has been a journey for our client but she couldn’t have had better care and services.  Thank you to you and the team…Marcy and Red, Scott, and Ellen.  J

Written by a Wadena County Social Worker, Karen Johnson as feedback following her client’s  program completion in TSA’s Child Treatment Program. 

I received a call today from a client that wanted to talk to the Office Manager.  She wanted to let me know about how pleased she has been with the service she has received from TSA from the referral process, scheduling to the service itself.  She said she felt so cared for and that Becky went out of her way to get her services and to get it scheduled.  Some of the things she reported were:

She felt everyone was so patient and caring.  She felt she was shown kindness and was treated very respectfully.   She has been to other places and has never been treated so respectfully as she was at TSA.  She had her first appointment with Lisa today and was so impressed with Lisa’s caring and felt like she was heard and will make some good progress.  She has a friend who needs services and is going to recommend TSA.



For more information or to make a referral, call:

320-629-7600 or  651-224-4114