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Foster Parenting

Therapeutic Services Agency, Inc. is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services as a Rule IV Child Placing Agency, which means that TSA is certified to license foster families in Minnesota. TSA follows state rules and requirements in the licensing process.

The Child Treatment Program and the Adolescent Treatment Program are foster care based comprehensive treatment programs for children and teens. TSA has been helping youths and their families since 1978 providing unique programming to meet the individual needs of each person. Foster families play an important role in caring for and helping youths in need. As well, TSA provides individual, group and family counseling services. Other services are provided as needed. Youths attend public schools and are encouraged to participate in community activities, employment and other extra-curricular activities. The goals of treatment are outlined at the start of treatment and placement and may include: to reunite youth with his/ her family, help develop a family through adoption, help prepare for independent living, etc.

Uniqueness of TSA's Foster Care Program

TSA uses a Treatment Team model for decision-making. This model is the heartbeat of the program in the delivery of foster care and services to youths and their families. The Treatment Team includes the foster family, individual and family therapists, mental health practitioners, case manager, TSA social worker and the youth care workers.

The Treatment Team meets weekly to evaluate, plan and implement individualized treatment programs for each client. It also coordinates the collaborative efforts with schools, county social worker, families and others involved in service delivery to the child/youth, which is so necessary in the care of foster children. Foster parents and professional staff share information with each other to enhance the overall treatment experience of the youth. The Treatment Team shares in the day-to-day responsibilities, as well as therapeutic decision-making regarding the youth. The goal of treatment is to reunite the youth with his/her family.

Becoming a Foster Parent

Becoming licensed as a foster parent is an important and serious process, however, it is not intimidating nor daunting. In fact, it can be kind of fun and exciting! Of course there are important areas that need to be covered to confirm the persons interested in becoming licensed are safe, healthy and skilled adults who will provide quality care, healthy and positive child rearing practices and work well with youths in their care as well as work well with TSA staff and others involved in the youth’s life. As well, the physical home where the foster parenting is provided needs to meet standards of health, cleanliness, safety and provide enough physical room for an additional family member. The physical house requirements, generally speaking, are no more extensive than what is usually common in a traditional family home including: fire extinguisher, exits/doorways from the house in case of fire, safe electrical wiring in the house, a bed to sleep in and room at the family table, etc.


TSA is a private foster care placing agency. This means that TSA is not restricted to license only in the boundaries of Pine County. As a general rule, TSA licenses foster homes within a 20-mile radius of our office located in Pine City, MN. We need foster families in close proximity to Therapeutic Services Agency in Pine City and welcome families within this 20-mile radius to contact TSA for further information. However, families living outside of this 20-mile radius may still apply. PLEASE CALL us to explore the possibilities! 320-629-7600 or 651-224-4114.

Once licensed, Foster Parents can choose to provide one or all of the following types of service:  

Therapeutic Foster Care--Foster Parents provide specialized care through the Adolescent Treatment and Child Treatment Programs based on individual needs of youth. TSA provides special training and ongoing support for Foster Parents. Foster Parents are part of the Treatment Team.

Shelter Care-- Foster Parents provide temporary care for youth struggling with family or personal problems.

Respite Care-- Foster Parents provide short-term substitute care for therapeutic foster care providers.


TSA provides reimbursement to Foster Parents through a monthly nontaxable reimbursement paycheck. This reimbursement helps offset the general expenses incurred while providing for a foster child's basic needs. Room and board and general daily living expenses are to be covered with this monthly amount. Clothing, medical care and medication are not the foster parents' responsibility.

To learn more about becoming a Foster Parent, please call

 Wendy Rude Pangerl at 320-629-7600 or 651-224-4114.

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For more information or to make a referral, call:

320-629-7600 or  651-224-4114