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Therapeutic Services Agency, Inc. often called TSA, opened on August 1, 1978. The 70’s were at the end of the second progressive era with new laws and policies emphasizing mental health and intervention services for children and youth services. The importance of family counseling as an intervention was being recognized. TSA’s first program was and still is unique in Minnesota-a foster home based intensive mental health treatment program with an emphasis on family involvement. Judges, probation officers and social workers in Pine, Chisago Kanabec and Isanti County as well as local schools all had a hand in the design of the program. In fact TSA offered the first family counseling in Pine County and was the first out of home care program in Minnesota to require weekly family counseling.

Pine County commissioners recognized the cost savings and increased effectiveness in serving their children locally cutting down on costly social worker trips to facilities far removed from children’s families. A welcome benefit was the creation of local jobs-a half dozen in 1978 but now up to 90 jobs in recent years. Another innovation TSA offered in 1978 was the first outcome measurement of social services.

In 1981, TSA in cooperation with Isanti County began the area’s first in-home counseling program with Chisago County following suit shortly thereafter. Since that time TSA has partnered with counties and not only on the child, youth and family level but in designing and starting new initiatives and programs. A new Close to Home Program in Isanti County is a collection of specialty services in the Cambridge area while the North Branch Schools are partnering with TSA in hosting day treatment.

Since then TSA has also expanded into adult and child/youth outpatient counseling and most recently into day treatment along with a number of specialized services. Staff are specially trained in many “evidence based “ practices and TSA has staff specializing in adoption, early childhood and other niche services.

TSA has satellite offices in Coon Rapids, in the Summit-University neighborhood of St. Paul, Cambridge and North Branch in addition to three locations in Pine City. Staff working out of those offices serve clients in Anoka, Hennepin, Ramsey, Pine Chisago, Isanti, Kanabec, Washington and Dakota counties. In 2014 TSA served over 2,000 clients and in a typical week serves about 500 clients.

In addition to the creation of local jobs TSA has in its 35+ years brought over 100 million dollars into the local east central economy.










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For more information or to make a referral, call:

320-629-7600 or  651-224-4114