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TSA has a long history of providing students Internships or Practicum experiences. Persons enrolled in Bachelor degree programs, Master’s degree programs, PhD and PsyD programs studying Social Work, Community Counseling, Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy are welcome to contact us to discuss interest in internship opportunities at Therapeutic Services Agency. In addition, TSA is now offering internships for Psychiatric Nursing students! 

TSA is committed to supporting exceptional learning experiences for individuals and will tailor the internship to best meet the needs of the student. We believe in helping the student further their knowledge base and practice important professional skills while we also attend to the personal well-being of the individual student and their overall professional development.

TSA internships include:

Child and Adolescent Treatment Program

Student Interns can experience work in the therapeutic milieu, counseling sessions, treatment teams, licensing of foster families, attending court hearings, treatment coordination, school liaison, medical service and psychiatric care coordination and will also learn about the Child Protection system in Minnesota. Our clients struggle with a myriad of issues including: severe emotional disturbance, chemical health issues, childhood trauma, family problems, behavior problems, school and community struggles, etc. Located in Pine City, within commute from the metro area, this program is a unique, foster care based comprehensive intense treatment experience where foster families and professionals work together to provide meaningful and effective treatment for youth.

*This internship is paired with a Day Treatment internship in Pine City.

In-Home Family Based Services Program

TSA’s philosophy is about working with the family system as well as individual children or youth who have been identified with specific needs.  Cases are also involved with the Child Protection system and/or adoption process. TSA’s in-home services are provided in Ramsey, Hennepin, Dakota, Washington, Anoka, Isanti, Chisago, Kanabec and Pine Counties.  In-home service delivery is a specialty service and provides excellent opportunity for clinical skill development.  

Day Treatment for Children and Adolescents Program

Day Treatment interns first have the opportunity to shadow the mental health practitioners and professionals extensively to learn what they do and establish relationships with the youth in programming. As an intern’s experience and confidence grow, their role will expand to include co-leading groups with either group skills or group therapy leaders, generating treatment plans, completing clinical notes, and being involved in collateral contact with parents, schools and social workers. In addition, interns have the opportunity to participate in weekly clinical meetings and group work planning meetings. Other available opportunities include observing/co-facilitating individual and family therapy sessions, intake meetings and progress meetings. Day Treatment takes a team approach in working with clients in the program and interns serve a valuable and important role on the team.

School Linked Mental Health Services

Interns in the School Linked Mental Health Services Program are paired with a TSA staff/mentor who is hosted in one or two school setting(s). The intern will begin by shadowing their mentor and integrating into the host school(s). Gradually, the intern will begin to take a more active role in the services provided through this program, including diagnostic assessments, therapy – both individual and family, and skills training. Interns begin seeing their own clients as well. Additional responsibilities include contributing to treatment planning, case notes, and collateral contact with teachers and other school staff. 

Outpatient Services

Outpatient interns will be paired with a mental health professional mentor who they will shadow extensively at the beginning of their internship. As an intern’s mentor and supervisor see fit, the intern will begin to take a more active role in sessions and contribute to treatment plans and clinical notes. In addition, there are opportunities to gain experience observing and contributing to Diagnostic Assessments. Pending approval by both their mentor and supervisor, outpatient interns will carry a small caseload of their own by the end of their internship experience.

Close-to-Home Program

"The Close-to Home Program provides comprehensive coordinated services with a teamwork foundation in professional service delivery to families and their children/teens struggling with mental health problems. Innovative models of service plan development are specific to meet each clients’ needs including general models: Family Support Team, Bridging Services, 45 Day Assessment, Social Skills Group and Summer Programming. This program operates in Isanti County in partnership with the Isanti County Family Services, Isanti County Juvenile Probation Services and intended to provide meaningful therapeutic services and supports to children, teens and their families literally, close to home. Interns will be involved in teamwork, group work, individualized treatment planning and direct work with children and teens with SED and families with family functioning issues with hopes to improve well being for their child and family in the community."

Many interns join TSA later as employees.  

Here is what past interns have said about their internship experience with TSA:

"I felt absolutely blessed with the nine months I got to spend in Pine City. You are all great people and do wonderful work. As I thought about my last day with you, I realized how hard it would have been if I would have been saying a more permanent good-bye. Luckily, I will see you all again!!! And I look forward to it. Until then..."

“I loved working with my supervisor and felt very supported throughout the year. She taught me a lot and was very understanding and compassionate whenever I was having difficulties. I am very thankful for the time she spent with me, and feel like I was given the opportunities, guidance, and support that I needed throughout the year to help me grow as a social worker.”   ~ Jessie, MSW Intern

“All of the staff I worked with or encountered were very friendly and helpful.  They made me feel at ease and responded quickly if I had a question. My overall experience with TSA was incredible, from which I learned so much.  I was able to do so much hands on work and experienced things first hand which is how I learn best.  I am very grateful for the time I spent with TSA.”   ~ Debbie, MSW Intern

“One of the things I appreciated most about my TSA internship experience was the support and supervision I received. Staff were always willing to take the time to answer questions or provide explanations, which I appreciated so much. I received weekly supervision which I found incredibly valuable as it allowed me to process what I was learning and helped me feel supported, as I was brand new to working in the field of mental health. Overall, my internship experience at TSA challenged me in unexpected ways, kept me busy, and helped me grow both professionally and personally.” ~ Leah  MSW Intern

“My experience as an intern at TSA has been phenomenal. As I think about the skills I have learned and refined as well as the depth of knowledge I have gained, I find it incredible how much I have grown as a practitioner from September to May. On my very first day as a Day Treatment Intern, I remember how nervous I was, but it didn’t take long for me to feel a part of the TSA family. The staff members were welcoming, and there was always someone around to answer a question if I needed help. This is one of the many reasons I am glad I chose TSA as my internship site.”    ~ Jessica, MSW Intern


For more information about our internship program or to apply, contact:
Molly McHugh at 320-629-7600 or  
US mail address: 220 Railroad Street SE Pine City, MN 55063

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For more information or to make a referral, call:

320-629-7600 or  651-224-4114