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 School Based Mental Health Services

WHAT are School based mental health services?
School based mental health services are professional assessment, therapy, and skills training provided to individual students at school, with the support and involvement of the student’s parents. TSA works with preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school students and their families.

WHY provide School based mental health services?

  • Remove barriers for students to access needed services
  • Meet the child in their natural setting/comfort zone: school and home
  • Reduce out of school time to travel to services
  • Increase opportunities to coordinate services with school staff and family
  • Support student success and mental health

“Students won’t get to academic success without the mental health needs being addressed.”
~MN School Principal

WHO provides School based mental health services?
Therapeutic Services Agency, Inc. is a private organization with a 30 year history of providing meaningful and effective mental health services to children, teens and their families. TSA staff are licensed mental health professionals and practitioners with experience helping youths who have experienced childhood trauma, family life challenges, peer relationship problems, behavioral and emotional issues.

TSA is a community provider, meeting children and families in their school and home environments or at the TSA office when needed. TSA is a community partner with schools who welcome our staff into the school setting to help students with mental health needs.

WHEN are services available for School based mental health services?
The referral process is user friendly and quick. TSA staff work with families to start services generally within two weeks of referral. We strive to start ASAP, work with students and their families to address the issues and end services with positive results.

HOW to arrange for School based mental health services?
A School staff person suggests that a child may benefit from mental health services to the student’s parents. If the parents are interested in accessing services for their child, they may request the school to assist in making a referral to TSA or the parents may directly contact TSA to request services.
Services may be provided utilizing Medical Assistance, PMAP, HSA, Private Pay or Insurance coverage.

For more information or to make a referral, please call:
651-224-4114 (Metro area)

School Based Mental Health Service Referral Form

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To schedule an appointment contact us at:

320-629-7600 or 651-224-4114