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Hope Realized for Individuals and Families Since 1978
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 Our Mission

Therapeutic Services Agency Inc. is a social services agency that is committed to the development and provision of services to youth, individuals, and families.  TSA is dedicated to supporting and complementing the public social and youth agencies of east central Minnesota. 

Therapeutic Services Agency Inc. provides meaningful and effective  mental health services to support individuals’ health and family well-being. We have been providing services since 1978 and continue to be well trained and experienced professionals delivering excellent services, caring about clients, appreciating collaborative relationships with colleagues and striving to help our communities in Minnesota by helping children, youths, individuals, couples, families heal, change, grow, develop.

TSA programs are offered and designed in response to community involvement through professional and consumer evaluation and review.  TSA programs and services are further committed to providing services in a spirit of excellence along with a willingness to be innovative and unique to meet the needs of clients.

Therapeutic Services Agency is committed to:

• Providing Excellent Quality Services and Care

• Best practices in treatment

• Safe healthy comfortable places for our clients' service experience

• Caring, Respectful Professional staff

Dependable service and smooth service experience from referral to treatment end with positive outcomes.      



Privacy Practice

For more information or to make a referral, call:

320-629-7600 or  651-224-4114