A very special event in the Adolescent Treatment Program

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018 marked a very special event in the Adolescent Treatment Program (ATP) at TSA as we were able to celebrate the reunification of a family that was truly impacted by our Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) model we are championing.

QPI focuses on building relationships between caregivers and foster families as well as providing excellent parenting to children in care.  TSA social workers, Erin Thornton and Wendy Pangerl, along with therapist Kara Moen, joined foster parent, Linda Thompson in her home as she hosted her foster children and their family for lunch and a reflection of partnership between birth family, foster parents, and agency working together toward a common goal. It was a celebration of the good things that can happen when children/families are put first and encompassed with support, guidance and care. Special recognition goes out to our foster parent Linda Thomson who opened her heart and home as well as worked to support the needs of these kiddos. QPI is awesome!