Retirement Celebration for Chris Harnack, Staff and Services Development Director

Chris Harnack, MA, LMFT, LP has retired from a long and successful career as a professional in the field of mental health service delivery.

Although Chris performed the bulk of her career in other organizations; it was here at TSA where she conducted her final years of important work.

Chris was our Staff and Services Development Director and during her time here she accomplished many key goals and although this list is not exhaustive; it reflects highlights!

  1. Chris facilitated the start-up of  provision of Child Psychiatry Services at TSA.  We had the privilege of contracting with Dr. Glass, one of six Child Psychiatrists in MN who worked to provide psychiatry service to children and teens for about a 1 ½ years at TSA.
  2. Chris assisted with implementation of the School Linked Mental Health Services (SLMH grant service) in Pine and Chisago County Schools.  She collaborated successfully with our fine colleagues at Lighthouse Child and Family Services, and assisted in the positive development of partner relationships with School Partners.  Chris also conducted key hiring of SLMH staff, and provided training, supervision and support to some of the staff directly and oversaw GRANT implementation with all SLMH staff.
  3. Chris developed the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Mental Health Service program in working with DHS, hiring sensational staff members,  visioning, training and developing this program. Currently we have 4 staff dedicated to this service delivery in the upper NE and NW regions of MN.  Presently we are working to further advance this service offering to the SW region of MN at DHS ‘s request.
  4. Orientation, training, in-house training offerings were part of Chris’s job responsibilities and she approached this work with dedication as well as expertise.  Chris was also a constant proponent of Evidence Based Practices and aspired that all staff know how to bring the very best professional knowledge base and skill set to our service delivery.
  5. Chris wrote multiple GRANT proposals and saw 100% success rate on these endeavors!
  6. Chris provided direct client care and service delivery
  7. Chris was an ardent advocate about mental health and well being in individuals’ lives as well as in school cultures, family living, and the broad community. 
  8. Chris was a vibrant part of TSA’s Leadership Team!   

We appreciate all that Chris did at TSA and for the fine professional, employee, colleague and friend she has been and continues to be.  We wish Chris a well deserved wonderful retirement and anticipate she will continue approaching all things with her deep caring ways, her many competencies and her drive in doing what is good and right.  We have been well served by Chris and her many outstanding contributions and we want to say thank you and best wishes at this important professional milestone and life’s juncture---retirement!

~Cheryl Smetana McHugh, Executive Director and long-term admirer of Chris Harnack