November is National Adoption Month!

With the month of November being National Adoption Awareness month, along with the recent release of the movie, “Instant Family” there is no better time to reflect on the foster care and adoption work that Therapeutic Services Agency, Inc has done over the past years.  The staff who work in the Child and Adolescent foster care treatment program at TSA are proud to remember that we have worked to support over 40+ children from our program become adopted since 1997. Furthermore, it is with great satisfaction that we are also able to share that of those 40+ adoptions we have been privileged to be a part of, 22 of the children have been adopted by foster parents licensed through our agency, with many of the families remaining in contact with and/or continuing to work with our agency to this day.

It is rewarding beyond measure to be a part of the hope and healing that adoption can provide for children and families and equally fulfilling when we are able to observe the lasting positive impact that adoption has on families over time. With the recognition that sibling relationships are critically important, we are also blessed that we have seen a total 15 different sibling sets/groups be adopted together into the same family. Whereby the circumstances leading to adoption can be heartbreaking for the children and their first families, the outcome of adoption can be a meaningful journey of compassion, forgiveness,  acceptance and love.       

Here are a few words from two different TSA Foster Parents who have both become adoptive parents: 

"When we felt this calling to foster we definitely knew that adoption could maybe be an option with a kiddo that would come into our lives. Little did we know that it would be our story with our very first placement. We are passionate about giving kids the best outcome for their story. We are so over the moon that our story for our children is adoption into our family. We know that Foster Care can also be a beautiful adoption story." ~ Heather Von Rueden

Heather Von Rueden and her husband, John Von Rueden.

“Adoption is beautiful, heart breaking, redeeming, and love-filled from all sides. It is steeped in sacrifice, trauma, healing and selflessness. First families sacrifice as the child moves from their family into an adoptive home. Adoptive families grow in more than just numbers and try to assist in the healing process of the child, and often times, the first family as well. Adopted children navigate a world that few completely understand as they process the loss of a first family, the trauma of separation and the balance of new and old identities colliding. Healing sometimes comes in small, unnoticeable steps. Other times it comes in monumental milestones. Both are worthy of celebration, but done in a delicate dance of balance. Adoption has changed our world, our family and our perspective. We are grateful to be on this journey and welcome any others who are willing to join us.”    ~ Jennifer Wiechman

Jennifer Wiechman (front row second from the right), pictured with her husband, Travis Wiechman,

Les & Linda Wiener and TSA's Foster Care Based Treatment Team!