May is Foster Care Month!

In May, we honor our current and past foster parents for the quality care they provide! We would like to share a letter written to express our deep gratitude towards TSA's foster parents and the important work they do! #FosterCareMonth

Dear Current and Former TSA Foster Parents,

May is National Foster Parent Appreciation and Awareness Month. This year while we continue to focus and promote foster care and extend our appreciation to those who are currently foster parenting, we felt it was equally important to acknowledge the special care and service provided by all of TSA foster parents, including our beloved foster parent alumni.

Over our 40+ years of service, TSA has collectively foster parented over 1000 youth from 1978 to the present. That is an incredible number of lives that our agency’s personal community of foster care has impacted. We are very proud of the outstanding care and support that our foster parents have provided, to assist in the healing process and growth of children and families. From providing a warm and clean bed, nutritious meals, childhood memories of vacations, holiday celebrations, camping trips, concerts, involvement in church life - all of which are inclusive of family living; guidance and support, mentoring, safe parental and sibling relationships, care and kindness that go far beyond common courtesy translating to a gift that has given more than you will ever know. We Thank YOU for opening your home to foster children.

Since I have had the privilege of working at TSA as the foster care licensing worker, it is with honor that I am able to boast that we have had over 129 foster families from the local area who have partnered with us to provide service to our local families in need of support and care. Additionally, TSA has assisted in over 60 adoptions, with 40 of those adoptions occurring within our foster homes who have become permanent homes and family for children who were first placed as foster children. Foster families really do change the world, one child at a time.

What a beautiful journey it is to be a part of, when ordinary people, who don’t realize what that they have to offer, end up changing a life forever. Foster parents are often humble, everyday people without lofty goals to change the world, but rather a hope or desire to help in a small way. When foster parents step forward to become licensed care providers, they enter a realm of giving and helping that transcends far beyond what they intended to accomplish. Foster parents don’t help in a small way, they help in a big way; they contribute to the future of individuals and touch the human condition at its most vulnerable times by extending their hands and heart in a true humanitarian act of kindness.

Words cannot convey the gratitude and appreciation that is felt by the team of professionals who have worked alongside our foster parents at TSA over the years. In our work together, we have experienced teamwork success, individual clients that have brought us heartache and pain; challenges and difficulties that have helped us to grow, experience joy, delight, happiness, and laughter. Sometimes these experiences have also brought us to tears. Significant goal achievements have also been made possible by the hard work of our clients and the dedicated professionalism of our foster parents who supported them by providing a safe and caring home, along with a willingness to welcome our client families into their fold. Our foster parents are an integral part of the TSA Child and Adolescent Treatment Foster Care Program and we are immensely honored to have had you as one of our many skilled and talented, gracious and generous, actively involved, down-to-earth, flexible, open-minded, child-centered, wise and wonderful foster families. We celebrate you and send you our thanks for the work and dedication you have provided. Above all, we thank you for making the world a better place.

Each of you are amazing, good and self-less; you are nothing short of authentic super-hero caregivers in the opinion of those who truly know what you have provided. You have earned the honor of respect among your community peers at TSA, through your faithful service to others. You will long be remembered, forever appreciated and always held in high regard. We celebrate you!

With deep care and appreciation,

Wendy Pangerl, LSW